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  • Julie Cook Sowash

Mark Lang Makes an Impact on Synchrony Financial

Mark Lang, Synchrony Success Story Hire

Disability Solutions not only creates and implements disability hiring and retention initiatives for our clients but we also provide career services for jobseekers. One of the programs we offer is our Soft Skills course. This career training program provides jobseekers with the skills and insight to score interviews and land fulfilling jobs with supportive employers. Our Consultant Keith Meadows met Mark Lang at one of the Soft Skills courses. Reflecting on his experience in the course, Mark said that it “felt like a community rather than a competition.” Mark did well in the training and started working at Synchrony Financial in Dayton, Ohio as a Collections Agent on December 3, 2016. When asked about his experience, Mark said that he “can’t say enough good things” about his supportive team, including his manager. In fact, the inclusive culture was only a part of what makes working at Synchrony a great experience. Mark used to leave his previous job and not want to talk about his day to his friends and family; now he is excited to spend his evenings talking about his day with his brother. He also shared that he’s grateful to have a new career path that allows him to “use [his] talent and brain” every day in his role, giving him a sense of fulfillment. A natural in the position, Mark scored 100% during his supervised calls in the first 2 months on the job, reinforcing his value to the company. Mark shared that succeeding in his current role has increased his self-confidence, “It’s amazing how it’s impacted my life and how I get to help positively impact other people’s lives.” Armed with his new found assurance in his ability to be successful at work, his plan is to grow his career within Synchrony. Mark’s job performance, positive attitude, and desire to succeed all illustrate why he’s the perfect example of the return on investment employers can see when qualified and enthusiastic talent is a top priority.

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