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Business Plan

 Strategic Playbook

A Customized Guide with Actionable Recommendations to Achieving Disability Inclusion

We customize a plan to fit your business needs

As an executive leader, you understand that attracting top talent with diverse perspectives and experiences connects your products and services to existing and emerging customer markets.

So, do you have a strategy for tapping into top talent with disabilities and reaching a customer market representing $4 trillion dollars in annual spending?

Ask yourself:

  • Are you finding qualified candidates with disabilities to fill roles across all of your talent needs?

  • Do your systems, processes, and policies support or hinder your efforts to bring talent with disabilities into your workforce?

  • Do your current employees with disabilities feel included and encouraged to bring their unique perspectives and innovative approaches to "the table?"

  • Do people with disabilities trust your brand and think of your company first over your competitors?

  • Is your company labeled an employer of choice for diversity and inclusion in the public eye?


Depending on your answers, it may be time to develop that strategy or revisit your existing one.

We are here to help with the Strategic Playbook, a comprehensive plan with customized, actionable recommendations that are changing the way that our clients approach disability inclusion. The Strategic Playbook provides everything you need to find talent in the disability community, strengthen your brand, grow your customer base, and move the needle on compliance and HR benchmarks.

Your disability inclusion strategy needs a fresh, expert review.

Our team of inclusion consultants brings decades of combined experience helping organizations launch and scale successful disability inclusion initiatives resulting in positive ROI with proven outcomes.

The Strategic Playbook provides a fast and effective deep dive, resulting in a mix of recommendations for strategic short-, mid-, and long-term strategies and actions needed to build a successful, sustainable disability and inclusion program.

The Strategic Playbook will be your comprehensive guide of plays and actionable recommendations informed by our Discovery methodology, including how to:

  • Leverage and build upon your existing best practices and systems

  • Implement and communicate new and innovative approaches to attract, hire, retain, and promote talent with disabilities for your company

  • Monitor and evaluate key data and outcomes and connect them to your diversity and compliance plan

  • Engage your diverse workforce for increased talent and market reach

L. Kevin Cox
Chief Human Resource Officer
American Express

The assessment and resulting Strategic Playbook reflected a thorough understanding of our business objectives, vision and culture - effectively outlining opportunities for American Express to implement change and build on existing approaches and practices. The connection drawn by the Disability Solutions team between the talent value of people with disabilities and business goals engaged our executive teams across the organization.

Liz Heitner
Senior Vice President, Human Resources

The team at Disability Solutions through the discovery and design phases, embedded themselves in our business and quickly established credibility and trust with my business leadership and HR team. Their process enabled them to learn our business and culture quickly. They have been highly adaptive and developed solutions that work with our unique business. The outcome of this work has been a successful and scalable program that is now expanding through our centers of operations."


How does this work?  What are the deliverables?

The Strategic Playbook results in the ultimate deliverable, a comprehensive report of findings, strategic recommendations, and step-by-step actions to achieve results. Our process includes:

  • Three (3) day onsite review by a Disability Solutions Inclusion Consultant.

  • Documented project goals and objectives based on appropriate benchmarks.

  • Job observation, job task analysis, and review of job accommodations.

  • Rapid cultural assessment and Employee Resource Group (ERG) engagement analysis.

  • Review applicant lifecycle, associated systems, interview process, and recruitment structure.

  • Talent outreach, sourcing, and partnership opportunity review and recommendations.

  • Company careers site accessibility audit and reporting.

  • Internal and external disability brand and messaging assessment.

  • Document and policies review.

  • Internal self-disclosure communications review.

  • Two (2) in-person Fear and Stigma training sessions with the leadership team.

  • Executive summary of results and recommendations with live presentation, review, and Q&A session.

  • Delivery Timeline: 6-8 weeks

I don't have much time. What is my responsibility?

Here is what we require of a business to provide a comprehensive Strategic Playbook:

  • Tell us about your business and walk us through your current applicant lifecycle.

  • Provide us access to documents and systems that support your recruitment and hiring structure.

  • Be readily available to answer questions during the initial review process.

  • Connect us with key persons along the hiring lifecycle, including Talent Acquisition, Human Resources, systems owners, and identified stakeholders.

  • Review our findings and recommendations and ask any follow-up questions to ensure a full understanding of all next steps and needed actions.

Can the recommendations your team provides be implemented by our own internal team or will we require ongoing support?

While we provide multiple ongoing supports that generate successful hiring and retention outcomes, our playbook recommendations are thoroughly detailed out, step-by-step, and can be implemented by anyone on your team.

Are you affiliated with the OFCCP or EEOC?

No, we are an independent nonprofit consulting practice focused on improving hiring outcomes for our clients through disability inclusion. While we have no direct affiliation with any federal agency, many of our findings and recommendations support positive outcomes with compliance audits.

I'm interested in learning more.  How do we get started?

Our first step is to understand your business. Complete the form below and briefly describe your business and the reason you are interested in the Strategic Playbook. If you are a good fit for the service, we'll set up an initial consultation to review pricing and where you are with your existing disability inclusion efforts.

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