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Jobseeker Resources

Helping people with disabilities prepare for and achieve all of their career aspirations

The Job Search

Disability Solutions Blog:

CareerOneStop: Job Search Resources

  • Links to services and programs

  • Job sites


  • Free AI tools that help job seekers including: 

    • Resume review​

    • Cover letter generator

    • Job interview preparation



  • Jobscan ATS Resume Checker and Job Search Tools

  • Optimize your resume to get more interviews

    • Jobscan optimizes your resume for any job, highlighting the key experience and skills recruiters need to see.


Disability Solutions Blog



PurpleSpace is a networking and professional development hub for people with disabilities

LinkedIn Etiquette

  • Speaker and coach, Andrew Hennigan, provides a guide for "How to Approach People You Don’t Know"

Jordan Harbingers shares tips and techniques for managing and expanding your network



  • A web application that empowers job seekers to take on new jobs and career paths using a powerful, unique TORQ algorithm, giving employer and workforce professionals 
    skills for their hiring needs.

    • The core TORQ algorithm gives candidates unbiased insights into the paths that their experience, education, and talents can unlock; and gives employers a larger, broader talent pool to help them find just the right fit.

Disability Solutions Blog

Job Accommodation Network


Live Training

  • Interviewing Tips and Mock Interviews with Disability Solutions

5 Job Search and Interview Tips That Work

  • How to get and prepare for interviews and what to do once you have an offer.

“What makes you unique?” Nail the common interview question

  • While many things make you unique, employers want to know what you will bring to a role. 

Effective Accommodation Practices

Download JAN

Pre-Offer, Disability-Related Questions: Dos and Don'ts PDF

Download JAN

Pre-Offer, Disability-Related Questions: Dos and Don'ts Doc

AskJanet Powered by CAREgpt

Janet is a conversational Al tool that instantly answers questions about ADA accommodations using the latest information from AskJAN and the EEOC.

Have questions about workplace accommodations? Just AskJanet below!


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