With over 60 years of experience employing individuals with disabilities, including veterans with disabilities, Disability Solutions' diverse team focuses on end-to-end talent acquisition, retention strategies and solutions resulting in people and business driven outcomes.

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Julie Sowash

Executive Director

Julie works with clients to assess current outreach, hiring, retention systems, policies and processes that impacts an organization's ability to engage and retain qualified jobseekers with disabilities.

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Bret Griffith

Director of Sales and Solution Design

Bret works with employers to identify and develop opportunities for new disability hiring and workforce initiatives through Disability Solutions Design Programs.

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Kevin McCloskey

Director of Partnership Development

Kevin develops talent sourcing partnerships for our clients by establishing relationships with federal, state and local partners in order to identify qualified jobseekers to fill our clients' hiring needs.

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Amanda Burris

Sales and Marketing Leader

Amanda is dedicated to “Changing Minds and Changing Lives” by working with employers on the benefits of hiring people living with all types of disabilities and connecting qualified jobseekers with inclusive employers.
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Keith Meadows

Senior Hiring and Engagement Consultant

Keith manages workforce talent needs by engaging jobseekers with disabilities, including veterans with service-related disabilities, to deliver strategic outcome based solutions to his clients.

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Rebecca Langbein

Inclusive Design Consultant

Rebecca is an Inclusive and Universal Design Consultant, a trained engineer with a doctorate degree in occupational therapy seeking to break down barriers and create equitably usable spaces for diverse people.


Disability Solutions is a national, non-profit consulting practice working with corporate leaders to leverage the engagement of talented jobseekers with disabilities – solving a workforce employment challenge where everyone wins.

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