Enhance usability for users with a variety of disabilities.

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Ensure equal opportunity and access to all users

and job applicants.


Disability Solutions provides comprehensive website testing with personalized recommendations to enhance usability for people with a variety disabilities or situational limitations.

Increase market opportunity from expanding user base and earn loyalty and trust from the disability community.

Upgrade employer brand by providing a platform that is welcoming and engaging to a wider range of user types.

Understand current issues and underlying laws to reduce potential legal ramifications associated with non-accessible websites.

Desktop Computer Image of Website Careers Page


Website accessibility impacts a user’s ability to comprehend, navigate and interact with a website. A variety of disabilities, including auditory, cognitive, neurological, physical, speech and visual disabilities can cause website accessibility.


Accessibility issues exclude people from using websites and engaging with products and services. That lack of engagement could mean billions of lost market opportunity across the entire disability community.

Sample report of findings for website accessibility issues

Review of career site brand messaging and imagery for potential applicants and customers with disabilities.

Accessibility testing corporate career sites, including careers page, job search and logged jobseeker account.

Comprehensive reporting and delivery of findings – PDF report with comparison to national accessibility standards.

Excel spreadsheet report of all critical and non-critical accessibility recommendations.