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Diversify Your Talent Pool

Attract top talent for your client's with candidates from the disability community. 

The Disability Solutions Advantage.

Our proven hiring and retention solutions deliver real business value.

Reach new, qualified candidates you have not previously engaged.


Boost profits and market shares by tapping into new talent, productivity, and skill sets.

Increase your agency's wallet share with our proven solutions in this niche community.

Meet federal and state compliance requirements while increasing self-disclosures.

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Reach Top Talent

The disability community offers a vast intersectional talent pool of widely based experience levels and skill sets. From laborers to c-suite professionals, tap into the diverse disability talent pool. 


Disability Solutions is the most trusted and preferred solution among the world's largest network of over 19,000 global partners.

We aren't just a job board. We offer a comprehensive hiring and retention program that seamlessly connects Community-Based Partners, Jobseekers with disabilities, and inclusive Employers.

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Outcomes Matter

Disability Solutions stands out against the competition because we are outcomes-driven.

With over 8,000 new careers started, our clients are changing the lives of people with disabilities.


Our goals are achieved when people with disabilities find careers with your company and when key business drivers are achieved.


Why do we focus on both?

Because this isn't about charity; it's about good business. 

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Case Studies

Discover how companies are implementing positive changes, promoting greater inclusion and creating job opportunities for people with disabilities


Read insightful articles, stay up-to-date on industry news and trends, access helpful resources, and more.

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Attract, hire, and engage top talent today.

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