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Inclusive Workplaces for People with Disabilities

The Disability Solutions Advantage

Disability Solutions is not just a job board, our proven solutions delivers real business value. We offer comprehensive disability-focused hiring and retention solutions that seamlessly connect jobseekers with disabilities to inclusive employers.

What We Do:

  • Identify and engage local and national partners

  • Attract qualified candidates for all of your talent needs

  • Create a workforce reflective of your customers

  • Enhance your talent and customer brand

  • Improve hiring and retention metrics

  • Encourage self-disclosure

  • Track and measure activities for compliance reporting

19,000+ Global Community-Based Partners

10,000+ Corporate Leaders Trained

8,000+ New Careers Started

80+ Inclusive Employers

We work with you every step of the way...

Our goal is to help people with disabilities find successful careers with your company. Our holistic approach ensures your business has the necessary support to establish a truly inclusive workplace while also achieving your business objectives.

We understand that every company is different, which is why we tailor our solutions to fit your needs. 

Discovery and Playbook

Explores your company's current inclusion efforts and proposes strategic activities with actionable recommendations and implementation options, and the projected ROI.

Accessibility Testing

Evaluates and reports on your company's career center communications from the perspective of a potential employee with disabilities.

Disability Solutions Career Center

Global career center with targeted outreach to qualified individuals and veterans with disabilities with indexing, tracking and posting services.

Local and National Outreach Development

Bridges the gap between your company's needs and local and national organizations, building your talent pipeline.

Training and Development

Prepare your workplace leaders, hiring managers, and employees to integrate and value people with disabilities through onsite and web-based inclusion training.

Source Talent

We multiply the power of your recruiting teams by managing the ongoing sourcing and recruiting of candidates through targeted outreach in the disability and veteran communities.

OFCCP Compliance

Full-scale support of OFCCP Section 503 and 4212 compliance audits for federal contractors with documentation of your efforts and wins.

Data and Documentation

Document and measure outreach to the disability community, track candidate flow, and report on hiring outcomes.

87% of the public would rather do business with companies that hire people with disabilities.

Source: Journal of Vocational Rehabilitation

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Attract, hire, and engage top talent for your workforce today.

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