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Source & Recruit

Find qualified people with disabilities to fill your open positions.

Build Diverse & Equitable Hiring Practices

Making an organizational commitment to hiring people with disabilities is an important first step toward becoming an inclusive, employer of choice that embraces diversity. But after making that commitment, companies are faced with the next challenge of identifying and recruiting qualified candidates with disabilities who can then fill open positions at all levels of an organization - from an entry-level position all the way up to the C-Suite.

Our team of consultants at Disability Solutions works with you to assess your needs and talent expectations, and build a qualified candidate pool with the support of our Disability Solutions Career Center. We work hand in hand with employers to drive traffic to their job postings by actively recruiting potential candidates with disabilities from our large and extensive network of local and national workforce community partners and service providers. Let us help you find that next great hire and achieve your disability and inclusion goals.

Source and recruit candidates with disabilities from our nationwide network of thousands of community partners and service providers working with people with disabilities in local markets.

A dedicated Hiring and Engagement Consultant is assigned to your account to help you find the best candidates, track self-id,s and provide you with ongoing reporting.

Flexible Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) options, from source to hire, working as an extension of your Talent Acquisition and Recruiting team to provide expertise and execution.

Geographically target candidate outreach helping you find people with disabilities at all organization sites and locations.

Identify candidates with disabilities for specialized and technically skilled positions.

Meeting Room Business

Attract, hire, and engage top talent for your workforce today.

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