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Julie Cuesta’s Journey to a New Career at Synchrony

Julie Cuesta, Synchrony Success Story Hire

Here at Disability Solutions, we know inclusion works. It not only creates a more inviting work culture, but it also helps your business by increasing retention rates and improving your employer brand with both customers and potential team members.

We work with our clients to design and implement disability hiring initiatives. Our Consultants are able to work with both Human Resources and other executives at the company as well as the jobseekers while facilitating a soft skills training course. This course, provided at no cost to jobseekers, helps prepare potential candidates for interviews and, hopefully, a position at the company. Our Consultant, Keith Meadows, recently had the chance to work with Julie Cuesta, a new Synchrony Financial call center employee out of Dayton, OH. Julie Cuesta went through the course in August and was offered the position that same month. She was thrilled to be joining this innovative company and was very enthusiastic about sharing her story with us. Julie, a person with a disability, has spent most of her career as a nanny working with a family in their home. When she arrived at the Soft Skills training, she was ready to learn more about interviewing in a different work environment. Julie kept reiterating how helpful Keith was throughout the process. In fact, she said that she “would not have got the job without him,” citing his interview prep advice as particularly helpful. Throughout the training, Keith worked with Julie encouraging her to speak about the company and what she can do for them rather than approaching the hiring manager with questions about what they can do for her. As someone who had not interviewed recently, this advice provided insight into what the hiring manager is looking to hear from candidates. Synchrony candidates go through a timed online questionnaire followed by a phone interview. Julie’s experience was unusual, as she had a technical glitch at the end and was unable to submit the questionnaire electronically. Julie said that Keith was able to help make sure this error would not prevent her from moving forward in the interview process. Julie started training for the position on August 29th. Not only was she looking forward to starting a new career, but she also could not be more excited to be working for this company. Synchrony was immediately welcoming, making her feel included and part of the team. We know every business wants their employees to feel this way about their career. Employee engagement is positively associated with increased retention rates, cutting down on costs associated with high turnover. This also allows employees to be brand advocates when talking to potential employees and customers about their great experience working for a company. Julie’s experience serves as one example of why hiring people with disabilities is simply good business. These initiatives allow innovative companies like Synchrony to find great team members and allow qualified jobseekers like Julie to find meaningful and rewarding careers.

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