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Disability Solutions Launches Career Center for People with Disabilities

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This month Disability Solutions launched a new career center focused on making meaningful connections between jobseekers with disabilities and companies that are hiring. There are plenty of niche, not to mention general, job boards out there, so you might be asking yourself “What’s so different about this one?” The Disability Solutions Approach Disability Solutions works directly with companies who want to hire talent with disabilities and helps them increase their ability to do so. We offer opportunities with top employers throughout the country that are already looking for candidates just like you.

I asked Julie Cook, a Senior Consultant at Disability Solutions, what makes our career center different. “We know our talents and values are not limited by our disability and, in many cases, truly enhance our talents. At Disability Solutions, we are working to fill our career center with employers who share our beliefs.” Focus on Privacy Our Career Center focuses on privacy by allowing jobseekers to post resumes, anonymously. For many of us, disclosing our disability whether in the job hunt or in other endeavors is an ever present question. At the Disability Solutions Career Center, you don’t have to disclose. Recruiters can view your resume, but you control if you want to release your contact information to discuss a job opportunity. There has been much positive momentum in our community and the business world to remove the stigma of disability. We fully support this momentum and want to continue moving toward openness and inclusion, we also firmly believe that disclosing is a very individual and personal choice. Cook, herself a person with a hidden disability, says she knew this would be a key part of any Career Center that we offered to jobseekers. “It’s definitely not easy talking to employers about my disability. I want jobseekers to be able to use the Disability Solutions Career Center and know that only companies and contacts that they want to communicate with will have access to their contact information.”

What are the Benefits to Employers for Utilizing the Disability Solutions’ Career Center?

Reach the Largest Untapped Workforce Pool – That is in Itself Diverse:

This low-cost option can help you get started with your recruiting efforts. You can post your jobs with us no matter your industry or location and reach qualified candidates, who happen to have a disability. A common misperception regarding people with disabilities is that there is a limitation to the types of jobs that we can be successful at. One of our goals at Disability Solutions is to change that perception and increase awareness of the diverse range of skills, education, degree and certification attainment and experience that is represented within this pool of talent.

Building Your Employment/Brand Messaging in Our Community:

The disability community is unique and wants to see themselves reflected in your workforce and your messaging.One area that has been a challenge for companies is how to encourage people to disclose. There is still a lot of stigma around revealing this information for jobseekers despite recent advancements. However, our clients report that after working with us, they see disclosure rates as high as 60%!

Not Just a Job Board:

We are thrilled to offer the Disability Solutions Career Center as a tool in your organizations’ strategy to be successful in recruiting, hiring, and retaining talented jobseekers with disabilities in your ranks. However, posting jobs is just one tool in the arsenal and that is why Disability Solutions’ can provide bundled and custom solutions to address your organizational needs from building a strategy, to implementing, expanding, and evaluating that strategy.


While our Mission is to help businesses around the world realize that people with disabilities are a talented and diverse workforce in both experience, skills, and innovation, we also know that OFCCP Affirmative Action compliance requires a strong reporting mechanism for outreach and recruitment efforts.

Jobs for All Experience and Skill Levels The Disability Solutions Career Center focuses on jobs requiring a wide range of experience, education, and skill level. Our message to the business community is there are no jobs a person with a disability cannot do. We want to create multiple ways to better engage the jobseekers that meet their needs, regardless of our disability. Click on the career center button at the top of the page or visit directly at: Are you an employer interested in learning more about the Disability Solutions Career Center or our full suite of solutions to help you hire and retain talented jobseekers with disabilities? Check out our Post Jobs page to learn more.

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