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Elevate Your Diversity Hiring Practices

Are you a business owner looking to attract a new more diverse employee base, then you're in luck! Nowadays, more and more people with disabilities are entering the mainstream workforce, and with a bit of initiative and the right accommodations, your business could be the next to benefit from their skills and talents.

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Why Hire from the Disability Community?

According to Benefit News, there are more than a handful of great reasons to hire people with disabilities. Not only can you expect a higher job retention rate, but you’ll also open your doors to people who are just as (or more) qualified as others.

Before You Launch A New Hiring Initiative

Even if your business has been around for many years, it never hurts to take a minute and evaluate where you are and what you’re doing. It's important to realize that achieving diversity and inclusion requires real commitment and incremental progress. Be sure to set clear and measurable diversity goals and keep leadership accountable for those commitments.

Create a Welcoming and Accessible Environment

Creating a calm, relaxed, and accessible office environment is essential for welcoming new employees into an organization. Having workspaces that are universally designed will ensure that your company is ready to welcome any and all individuals as equal and valued team members. Demonstrate a company commitment to diversity and inclusion through usable, well-designed spaces and experiences. An organized and accessible office promotes a productive and stress-free workspace that can help make the transition into a new job smoother.

Encourage Learning

Offering continuing education funding for online university or training programs can be highly effective benefits for employees. The flexibility of online learning programs can be a significant advantage, as it allows employees to balance their studies with full-time work or family obligations.


By investing in employee education, companies not only enhance the skill set of their workforce but also show a commitment to their employees' professional growth and development.

A Change In Recruitment Practices

There are many different ways to recruit employees with disabilities. Consider connecting with local organizations and taking to social media. There are likely several organizations in your area that support adults with disabilities who are looking for work.


Hiring people with disabilities is key to becoming an inclusive and diverse employer. However, companies face the challenge of identifying and recruiting qualified candidates at all levels of the organization. Disability Solutions partners with employers to create a pool of qualified job candidates with disabilities. We actively recruit from our extensive network of local and national workforce community partners and service providers.

Attracting Employees With Disabilities

Attracting employees with disabilities is no different than attracting others. Your main goal is to offer benefits and pay that meet or exceed their expectations. There are many different benefits you might consider, including comprehensive health insurance, matched contributions, loan repayment assistance, flexible working arrangements (remote/hybrid), and professional development programs. If your employees will work on-site, free coffee, healthy snacks, and more comfortable workstations will all look highly attractive to everyone.

Set Practices into Place for Diversity Hiring Initiatives

If you have yet to plan your hiring initiatives for the upcoming year, there’s no better time than now. Consider planning your hiring initiatives now with Disability Solutions. Our team of experienced consultants can help you with outreach, recruiting, talent management, and compliance to help you on your way to becoming a leading employer of choice. We specialize in identifying new channels for qualified talent, managing cultural shifts, leveraging hiring incentives, adapting to a changing regulatory environment, and strengthening your workforce through diversity initiatives.


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