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  • Julie Sowash

Disabled Lives Stand with Black Lives

At a moment of unparalleled crisis, the horrific deaths of Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd, and in my hometown of Indianapolis, Dreasjon Reed, have brought to our screens the lived reality of Black people in our nation and across the globe. The fear, sadness, and rage you are experiencing are understandable and unfathomable. Our eyes have been opened to the reality of the Black lived experience of fear and invisibleness. Every day at Disability Solutions, we know this is our moment to change lives. To be seen and heard, as a whole being not just a disabled one, is one of the most powerful experiences of our humanity. Yet, in all the progress our community has made, our civil rights journey has never been ours alone. Our progress was born of the labor, of love, and the pain and suffering of Black Americans during the civil rights movement and beyond. Mr. Floyd's 6-year old daughter, Gianna told all of us her, "Daddy changed the world." She is right. This is a defining moment in history. Together, we can work toward a union where Black lives have no less value than White lives. Today, we are making a call for action, as a team, to our clients, the entire disability community and our allies to stand up, to rise to THIS occasion. Our silence is no longer a viable option. It is time to use our anger, our tears, and our rage to drive ACTION, to RAISE voices in protest, and DEMAND policy and legislation to end the suffering for our Black brothers and sisters who continue to bear the brunt of 400 years of abuse at the hands of an unjust and discriminatory system. To the Black community in this country and abroad. You are heard. You are seen. You have our commitment to stand with you until the work is done. JS- Julie Sowash Pronouns: She/Her/Hers Executive Director Disability Solutions @ Ability Beyond Website - Career Center -

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