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Interviewing Tips and Mock Interviews with Disability Solutions

Interviewing Tips and Mock Interviews with Disability Solutions 3/16/2023 @12pm-1pm EST. Register now!

Interviewing Tips and Mock Interviews with Disability Solutions 5/18/2023 @12pm-1pm EST. Register now!

Employers across the country are starting to embrace diversity and inclusion in the workplace as Americans with disabilities are experiencing employment gains.

While labor conditions have improved for individuals and veterans with disabilities, many others continue to struggle to find employment due to lack of preparation and not having the required skills needed to successfully navigate the hiring process.

Watch this webinar to learn the following and find your dream career:

- What employers need jobseekers to know
- Soft skills to impress in the hiring process
- Application and interview preparation tips
- Opportunity to mock interview with Disability Solutions

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Community-Partner Webinar: Partnering with Business and Preparing Jobseekers

Better Partnering w/ Businesses and Preparing Your Jobseekers on 4/20/2023 @12pm-1pm EST. Register now! (1HR CRCC Credits).

  • Live versions are held every other month

  • Learn how to better connect with businesses and best practices to help prepare your jobseekers.

  • Can’t attend the free live version? for a $20 donation to our parent company Ability Beyond, a non-profit assisting people with people with disabilities for over 70 years, you can get access to the online course of this material for 30 days.  You can check it out here.


Disability Solutions will walk counselors through how to make meaningful connections with businesses and help counselors’ jobseekers best position themselves for employment. We will touch on common mistakes and pitfalls to avoid in these business/community organization relationships to effectively lead to more lasting employment partnerships, address interview question preparation for jobseekers to assist counselors in best preparing their caseload for applying, the most common barriers to gaining an interview, and how to best position their jobseeker.

CRCC Approved | Free Resource

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