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Disability Solutions | Pepsi Co ACT

Pepsi Beverages North America will celebrate National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM) by collaborating with our longtime disability inclusion partner Disability Solutions to offer awareness training throughout the month and highlight the Pepsi ACT – Achieving Change Together initiative.

Training for National Disability Employment Awareness Month

Disability Awareness training provided by Disability Solutions:  this disability awareness training will provide leaders with a deeper understanding of the disability community, a greater appreciation of the disability community as an untapped talent resource, and a sense of empowerment to more effectively engage with and hire people with disabilities. Please register for one of the trainings by clicking the link below.

Pepsi ACT (Achieving Change Together) is an award-winning partnership between PBNA and the global nonprofit Disability Solutions to proactively attract, hire and retain talent with all types of disabilities.  The program began in 2014 in Houston, TX and Burnsville, MN and has since expanded to all sites to actively recruit talent with disabilities.

Click here to download the Pepsi ACT summary

This video highlights PepsiCo’s commitment to driving an inclusive culture that enables our employees to be at their best and have equal opportunities to realize their full potential. 

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