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Mental Health Wellness Training

Join Disability Solutions as we discuss how to address and support mental health in the workplace. Our experts will talk about; a wide variety of mental health conditions; stereotypes, identifying symptoms, and warning signs; frequently asked questions; supports vs. over accommodation; and best practices for creating a healthy workplace where all employees can thrive.

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Dispelling Fear & Stigma about Disabilities

This training for employers is designed to empower and enlighten employees in helping them successfully manage and engage employees, candidates, and customers with disabilities, including veterans with disabilities. Viewers will gain a better understanding of the disability community, the strength of this untapped talent resource, and an awareness of the wide array of disabilities and abilities.

SHRM & CCR Certified

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Universal Design: Workplaces that Work

Join Rebecca Langbein, Ph.D. and an Inclusive and Universal Design Consultant. In this training, she discusses how to bring the human perspective into the design and create innovative solutions that help all people function better.

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Increasing Self-Identification and Self-Disclosure

In this training, Disability Solutions will examine why employers experience low self-identification and disclosure rates. Our hosts will provide tips, best practices, and quick wins to become an employer of choice for talent with disabilities.

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Disability Talent Accommodations Training

The number one fear Disability Solutions hears from employers looking to kick start their disability program, is the fear of accommodations. This training will review accommodations under the ADA and cover reasonable considerations to help guide employers on best practices. 

Creating a Successful Talent Network for

Creating a Successful Talent Network

Creating a Successful Talent Network will discuss how to attract, recruit, and retain talent with disabilities. This training will address Section 503 and how it protects persons with disabilities who are employed by federal contractors and subcontractors against discrimination. This rule requires employers to take affirmative action to recruit, hire, promote, and retain talent with disabilities.

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10 Tips for Hiring Talent with Disabilities

This training will discuss: Introductions and foundational knowledge, Disability points of view, Accommodations, Increasing self-identifications, and How people with disabilities make your business better.

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Tools to Strengthen your Workforce

“Tools To Strengthening Your Workforce” - join experts from Disability Solutions and The How Skills on how to best strengthen and support your workforce. This webinar will include actions to help your workforce develop the skills that will serve them in their current role and throughout their career. These tools will help them be more successful, more effective, and happier while improving retention of talent.

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Going Virtual

Going Virtual presented by Disability Solutions in partnership with Employment Options, Inc. will provide education on the value of talent with disabilities, the value of virtual talent with disabilities, the pros/cons/benefits of going virtual as an employer and important items to think about.

Jobseekers Path to a Great Interview 202

Jobseekers Path to a Great Interview

Join our experts to learn tips and methods for a successful interview. Jobseekers and talent partners will learn what not to say, how to explain gaps in history, and how to answer those tough behavioral-based questions.

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Breaking Down Barriers to Disability Hiring 

Disability Solutions partners with the Institute of Career Development (ICD) to share best practices on breaking down barriers for disability hiring initiatives. On this webinar, we will be discussing how to establish successful hiring programs and best practices for engaging talent with disabilities.


How Civilian TA ProsBetter Recruit Military Talent

Veterans are an incredible resource of talent with a wide range of skills that are in high demand in the workforce, but there are some challenges when it comes to recruiting military candidates. How can employers overcome the challenges of recruiting veterans, reduce barriers to entry, and attract top military talent? 

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Webinar - Tips for Inclusive Hiring:  Building a culture of positive change one step at a time

Watch this webinar for a collection of simple, easy to implement actionable tips (that don't cost a dime) you can implement today to build momentum on the path towards creating a diverse workforce.


DisruptHR Talks - This is NOT Charity!

This Is NOT Charity! Employment Branding In The Disability Community – a DisruptHR talk by Julie Sowash. Disrupt HR is an information change designed to energize, inform and empower people in the HR field.

Synchrony Hiring Disabed Worker on Bloomberg TV

Webinar - Finding the Right Talent Through Disability Inclusion

Watch this free webinar to discover inclusion best practices and success stories from leading employers such as Pepsi and Synchrony and discover the business case for hiring talent in the disability community.

Dog an cat no communicating well - "Bark" "Meow" They had a tendency to talk past one another.

Webinar - It's Not Your It's Me: Working with Employers on Hiring Initiatives

Watch this webinar to review this paradigm shift and learn more about the changing dynamics of corporate recruiting, how to avoid common barriers and best practices when working with large companies.