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Changing Minds and Changing Lives Through Disability Inclusion

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Our clients are leading the way in disability inclusion.

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Will you join us to change minds and change lives?

Disability Solutions, a division of Ability Beyond, is the leading non-profit consulting and services group focused on bringing real-world, proven solutions to help smart, forward thinking employers create world class hiring and retention programs for people with disabilities. We believe in the talent value the disability community can bring to your workforce and are ready to make you a believer, too. 


Building a strong talent base that includes people with disabilities positions us to better connect with all types of consumers, which is definitely a business objective of our Diversity and Engagement platform.”

Marty Bean, Senior Vice President, Field Sales, Pepsico North America Beverages

At the end of the day, outcomes matter.

With over 1,500 new careers started for people with disabilities since our inception, Disability Solutions' clients are changing the lives of people with disabilities, including veterans with service related disabilities. Our goals are achieved when people with disabilities find careers in your company and when key business drivers are achieved. Why do we focus on both? We want your company to see this isn't about charity; it's about good business.  View outcomes...

We will meet you on your journey...

Disability Solutions partners with our clients as an extension of their recruiting team, human resources department and legal compliance staff - helping you build best-in-class inclusion programs and reach qualified, talented individuals with disabilities of every skill, education, and experience level. We take the time to understand your organization's unique needs and business drivers to build a successful solution with tangible results. 

...because your company is unique. 

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