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Digital UX Accessibility

Enhance accessibility for people with disabilities.
Improve user experience for everyone. 

Your Full-Service Partner for Digital Accessibility 

At Disability Solutions, we understand the importance of having a website that is accessible to all users, and we're committed to helping you achieve that goal. Our team follows a comprehensive approach to evaluate your website for compliance according to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). 

Through automated evaluations, manual reviews, and assistive technology and usability testing performed by disabled users, we assess your website's current accessibility state. According to the latest WCAG standards (2.2), we work with you to improve your website's accessibility and user experience.


Compliance Matters

Inaccessible Sites Drive Customers Away 

Accessibility issues exclude people from using websites and engaging with products and services. That could mean billions in lost revenue.

Lack of Accessibility Damages Your Brand

Ensuring website accessibility is crucial for remaining competitive.


It's The Legally Responsible Thing to Do

Whether you are in the public or private sector, failure to prepare and make your website and mobile apps ADA-compliant can lead to legal consequences and lost opportunities. 

Accessibility Adds Value

Expand Your Customer Base

Increase market opportunity by expanding the user base, earning loyalty and trust from the disability community.

Enhance Brand Experience & Engagement 

Foster customer loyalty by providing a platform that is welcoming and accessible to a wider range of users. 

Mitigating Legal Risks

Understand current issues and underlying laws to reduce potential legal ramifications associated with non-accessible websites and applications.







Experienced CPACC-Certified Analyst

Our accessibility analyst thoroughly tests your digital assets for accessibility using his extensize knowledge of disability, accessibility, universal design, and accessibility standards, laws, and strategies. 


4-Part Testing

Ensuring that your website is accessible to everyone should be a top priority. Our proven approach to testing website accessibility is comprehensive and based on the latest WCAG standards (2.2).


Final Report and Recommendations

We deliver a comprehensive report of all findings and results, including a full audit log, issue scorecard, executive summary of findings, and walk-through video(s). 


Our Methodology 

Our comprehensive approach to UX accessibility testing is based on evaluating your website against the most up-to-date WCAG standards.

Automated Evaluation.png


We scan your web pages with up to 3 different digital evaluation tools. This ensures that our analysts have a full understanding of the state or your assets and where they will be starting the testing process. 

Manaul Review.png

Manual Review

Following WCAG principles, our analyst reviews page 
presentation, navigation, control and interactive elements, and general features via a custom manual review and scoring process.

Usability Test.png

Usability Test

Web pages are evaluated by a person with a disability focusing on four main elements including flexibility, learnability, functionality, and industrial design.

Assistive Tech.png

Technology Test

Finally, multiple screen readers are utilized to test overall navigation and functionality. This form of testing ensures that your website or application is evaluated with disability in mind. 

The Disability Solutions Advantage

We approach digital accessibility from a user experience perspective. Our testing is led by a real human—an experienced analyst with a disability, who brings a unique and valuable perspective to the process. 


Our comprehensive 4-part testing methodology provides a thorough analysis of your digital assets, including career sites, websites, and web and mobile applications. Our approach exceeds what other solutions claim to do, delivering actionable insights that pave the way for real and tangible improvements.


With our solutions, you can ensure a truly accessible experience for your users.

The Truth About Software Solutions

Some accessibility software providers offer solutions (overlays) that claim to fix website coding and assistive technology issues.


These solutions only act as temporary Band-Aids that cover up issues that are commonly overlooked  by designers and developers. In some cases, these solutions may even end up creating more problems for people with disabilities. 

To address accessibility issues effectively, it is crucial to design with disability in mind. 

Read more about why "overlay" software solutions aren't the answer to web accessibility. 

Meet Your Accessibility Analyst

IAAP Certified CPACC.png

Aaron Linson is an online accessibility specialist with extensive experience in Audio Production, IT recruiting, assistive technology, and networking. He has been legally blind for several years and has used this experience to help organizations become more digitally accessible. Aaron is passionate about supporting organizations in their journey of accessibility and inclusion. 

Aaron specializes in evaluating websites, PDF's, and mobile applications for WCAG 2.2 level AA compliance. He uses his hands-on experience with assistive technologies such as JAWS, NVDA, Talkback, VoiceOver, and Narrator to perform comprehensive testing and provide actionable recommendations. He also has experience in HTML, CSS, JavaScript Aria, usability, and user experience testing.


Aaron's goal is to create inclusive environments for all, regardless of disability. He believes that by showing the link and impact of usability, user experience, and accessibility to all, we can build a more accessible future.

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