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Inclusive Employers

Changing Minds and Changing Lives Through Disability Inclusion

Learn on-demand with Disability Solutions training courses. Learners receive a 45-minute lesson, with quizzes, SHRM credits, and certificates of completion.

Dispelling Fear & Stigma about Disabilities

Shift Happens spelled in Scrabble tiles

Our Disability 101 course is designed to give you a greater understanding of the disability community and the strength of these untapped resources.

10 Reason for Hiring Talent with Disabilities

10 Tips for Disability Hiring.jpg

In this course, we cover foundational knowledge, disability points of view, accommodations, increasing self-identification, and how people with disabilities make your business better.

How to Increase Self-Identification and Self-Disclosure

Self ID for clients social.jpg

We will examine why employers experience low self-identification and disclosure rates, provide tips, best practices, and quick wins to become the employer of choice for talent with disabilities.

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