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Disability inclusion and awareness training solutions.

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Support and educate your workforce through disability awareness and inclusion training.

Disability Solutions provides training and development to help your workplace leaders and employees to integrate with and value people with disabilities.

Online webinars (live and prerecorded) tailored for individual company needs.

Onsite workshops and lunch and learn training sessions for your entire team.

Hiring manager training solutions designed to prepare your staff to recruit, interview and hire people with disabilities into your workforce.

Kevin McCloskey, Disability Solutions Consultant giving disability inclusion training


With nearly 1 in 5 people in the U.S. living with a disability, chances are high that a great number of people with disabilities are working at your company today, even if this isn't apparent due to limited employee self-disclosures.

Ensuring that your workforce is properly trained on disability awareness while addressing with them many of the common misconceptions about the disability community, is not only empowering and enlightening to your team, it creates a more diverse and inclusive work environment, and ultimately improving your business.

Employer Training



Audience: Employees, HR Professionals, Executives and Recruiters

  • Disability 101 - an introduction to general disability awareness

  • Challenges common misconceptions about our (disability) community

  • Raise awareness, empower and enlighten co-workers

  • Explores the common traps companies and their leaders often encounter while building disability and inclusion initiatives

  • Case studies demonstrating the positive ROI and talent opportunity for companies who integrate people with disabilities into their workplace

  • Open environment for audience to ask questions about how to hire and retain people with disabilities

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