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Mental Health Wellness


Mental Health Wellness discusses how to address and support mental health in the workplace, reviews the wide variety of mental health conditions, and addresses frequently asked questions and stigmas.  We also provide you with some helpful resources.

10 Tips for Hiring Talent with Disabilities


Join us as we walk students through reasons why disability hiring is important to their business. They will learn foundational disability knowledge, how to avoid accommodation pitfalls, and much more.

Creating a Successful Talent Network


Every company needs talent. People with disabilities have that talent. Why then do most companies still leave disability out of their talent networks? Find out why here and simple steps you can take to ensure you are recruiting this group.

Dispelling Fear & Stigma about Disabilities

Local Business Manager

This training for employers is designed to empower and enlighten employees in helping them successfully manage and engage employees, candidates, and customers with disabilities, including veterans with disabilities.

How to Increase Disability Self-Identification


How to Increase Disability Self-Identification examines why employers experience low self-identification rates. Our team will provide tips, best practices, and quick wins to become the employer of choice for talent with disabilities.

Workspaces that Work

Modern Accessible Office

This course highlights Universal Design's role in creating environments that are better for everyone, bringing human perspective into the design, and creating innovative solutions that help all people to function better.  Includes actionable tips!

Accommodations 101 

Reading Books in Library

The word accommodation seems to strike fear into the hearts of employers. This training will review accommodations under the ADA and cover reasonable considerations to help guide employers on best practices and help them avoid common pitfalls.

Ableism 101

4jJejhrwSDmNIAOqajuK_Studio_Project (3).webp

Learn what ableism is, how to recognize it in the workplace, and leave with actionable tips that you can use to create awareness and stop it in its tracks. Most people have heard the word ableism but few people know what it actually means.

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